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Youth Anti-Bullying Photo-shoot

This Photo-shoot is designed to give the targets of these bullies an opportunity to change the negative experience, find their voice and step out of the shadows. Come out of your rooms, from behind the emotional and physical scars that have been controlling your lives! Don’t let these people control you anymore! Get their vicious words out of your head!

When I was a kid I was bullied, my last employer bullied me so much that I had to leave work and now I have lost trust in working for anyone else. To put myself in a position where someone else has power over me scares me half to death!

The way young people treat each other these days is disgusting. The intention of social media has been obliterated by the nasty comments of the ‘keyboard warrior’ and the socially challenged have used this as their own personal entertainment at others expense. Yes, I call the bullies the socially challenged. What other way is there to describe it when someone hides behind a screen to torment another person.

You are NOT to blame for what has been done to you. You are NOT what they say. I want to show you that you are still and always have been and will be the amazing person that you are meant to be.

There are five places available for this photo-shoot and thanks to some generous local businesses this comes at no cost to you. I want to hear your stories. I want to see the artwork you have created. I want to help you empower yourself. Your story will be private and confidential if that is what you wish. It makes no difference in whether or not you will be successful in winning a photo-shoot. But if you want to scream it for everyone to hear I’ll be there camera in hand to ensure you are heard.

If you are aged between twelve and eighteen and live in the Gympie Region and want to change the negative in your life, then download the application form and enter. You must have parental permission to enter.

Even if you are not picked to do the shoot, know that you have already taken the first step in empowering yourself and being able to move forward. I hope that this will help some of you feel like your normal self again and know that you are truly worthy.

What you could WIN!!

TWO Photo-shoots with Elise Ja'nette Photography, one in Studio and the other Underwater! You will receive a A4 size print of your favourite image!

You will have your Makeup done by Beauty Spot and Crazy Curls, Thanks to Robyn Johnson. Your Hair will be taken care of by Monique Thompson, our local mobile hairdresser from Unique Hairdressing. The studio shoot will be taken at the premises of Angelic Nail Designs thoughtfully lent by Carly Jurss.

Underwater Shoot TBD :)

Your image will also appear here and in other promotional areas by the sponsors. so basically, you will be treated like a star!!

Message me for an Application form or get it right HERE on my website.

0434 677 547

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